Playing for Coach Macy was the best decision I made for my life and my basketball career. When I decided to transfer from my former college in 2012, I knew that I wanted to play for someone who was passionate and could maximize my potential and I found that in Coach Macy.

Her passion and excitement for the game is unparalleled.

What makes her unique is her ability to reflect her energy and passion onto others. She makes you want to be a part of something bigger than yourself.

She is compassionate, kind and dedicated to watching her players succeed on the court and in life.

During my time at ECU I have accomplished things that I never thought would be possible. Coach Macy took my game and mentality to a different level, transforming me into a WNBA prospect and one of the best players in ECU women’s basketball history. She taught me that greatness isn’t to be feared, but to be embraced. I wouldn’t be where I am without Coach Macy. I am so blessed and thankful to have played for such an amazing human being.


In life, we meet those that impact our life, help guide our footsteps, and take major risk for what and who they believe in.  In a sense these people are kind of like superheroes.  My superhero came in a petite 5’4” frame as I entered my third year of college basketball under the instruction of Coach Macy, or mom, as I call her.  She has had a major influence and impact on my life in such a short amount of time.  As a transfer from multiple colleges, it was hard to decide who I was going finish the remainder of my college career under and because of the struggles I faced at my other school I needed to be under someone I could trust, as well as someone who would be able to maximize my potential and get the best out of me.  Discipline was also a major emphasis on my decision.  Coach Macy displayed all of those characteristics and more.  It is not just about basketball with her and I feel like that is where most coaches go wrong.  She wants her leadership and structure to be the basis for young women that have played for her to excel in every area of life even after they are done playing for her. Hard working and dedicated would be an understatement when trying to explain what kind of person and coach she is.


Coach Macy is the type of coach that will never let you fail, not only on the court, but off the court as well. She is constantly trying to figure out ways to better each person around her. Coach Macy puts a different type of trust in her players than most. She trusts her players to perform at all times, whether they are in the class room, on the court, or even somewhere as simple as out to eat. She trusts that you will represent not only your school to the best of your ability but yourself as well. It’s hard to find a coach who cares about you as a person, and not just a basketball player. Now don’t get me wrong, Coach Macy definitely cares about how you produce on the court, but she is also concerned about ones every day life, which I feel is equally important. Every day before practice, we would gather in the middle and talk about the quote of the day. Sometimes this quote was strictly basketball related, and other times it was about how we can take everything we learn from basketball and apply it be successful in our everyday life. Something that Coach drilled into my head that I will never forget is, “never try, justdo.”  When you try to do something, chances are you won’t be successful in completing it to the best of your ability.  It’s plain and simple, she is the best Coach there is to have. She will push you, teach you, and support you in everything you do. When playing for Coach Macy, you become apart of something bigger than a basketball team. You become apart of a family that truly has the same goals and mindsets.

She recruits to not only win, but to have players with good character that will give it their all in everything they do.  She believes in her players and will do whatever it takes within her power to not let you fail. If there’s any Coach in this world that deserves recognition for what she does within her players lives each and every day, it is Coach Macy, who is the best Coach I have ever had.


As a coach: Coach Heather Macy exudes a powerful passion felt by anyone who has the pleasure of meeting her. Having played for her I can honestly say she has positively impacted my life with her strong confidence and challenging me on a consistent basis to be better in every aspect of life and basketball. Thank you, Coach Macy.

Basketball Camps: Heather Macy camps focus not only on skill development but on complete player development, she continuously emphasis the mental aspects of the game and takes a how bad do you want it approach. Heather Macy is one of the most passionate and enthusiastic coaches I’ve been around. Any player that is serious about competing at the next level and improving as a total player needs to attend this camp!


On Wednesday, November 16, The Lady Wildcat middle and high school basketball teams traveled as guests of East Carolina University to watch the Lady Pirates take on the Wilmington Seahawks for ECU’s Education Day.  The Lady Pirates beat The Seahawks by ten, 75-65. This was a great day for our Lady Wildcats to take part in a collegiate athletic event.  The Wildcats got to meet PeeDee the Pirate and players from the basketball team. The Wildcats became admiring fans of #20 Bre McDonald who posed for pictures with our girls. Many thanks to Coach Macy and all her staff at ECU women’s basketball that made this event possible for our Lady Wildcats.

On Thursday, November 17 Heather Macy, head coach of the East Carolina University Lady Pirates visited Tyrrell County Schools to give a motivational speech to all girls in grades 6-12. Her message was geared toward challenging our Lady Wildcats to be strong in the face of adversity and to never give up hope in reaching their dreams. She weaved many stories from her personal life into her message by describing how she herself faced obstacles in life and persevered through them. Coach Macy gave the girls some mantras that helped her through situations “CBA: Conceive it, Believe it, Achieve it.” And “NBA, Next Best Action.” The message was that when you hit a roadblock in life always conceive, believe and achieve and try to find out what your next best action is in order to navigate through the issues that are blocking you in achieving your true goals. At one point in the discussion the girls were reminded of the meaning of the word “try” in our society. Coach Macy challenged the girls to not get trapped in saying that they will “try” to be there or “try” to get their homework done or “try” to do their best in life. She challenged them to just do it, don’t “try”, just do it and be the best that you can be in everything that you do every day.

If you ever have a chance to hear Heather Macy speak, GO! She is truly inspiring and touches the hearts and minds of people both young and old. The Wildcats are so grateful to Coach Macy for visiting our schools in Tyrrell County. We look forward to additional opportunities with the ECU Athletic Program and Coach Macy; visiting the campus for more basketball games and attending The Lady Pirates summer basketball camps.

Signed with much gratitude,
The Lady Wildcats



I wanted to reach out to you and let you know how much I enjoyed your presentation on Monday in Raleigh!  I’ve been in the Insurance Business for 31 years and your talk was very timely for me as I face obstacles in my Agency!  I quoted you in my Agency Meeting today about “trying & doing”!  I love that mentality.  I committed today to not use that term nor accept it in the future!  I wish you much success in your future and hope that our paths cross again!!